Uitreiking AICA prijs 2020 voor 'Walid Raad' in het Stedelijk

Dinsdag 2 maart kende AICA Nederland de AICA-Prijs toe aan de tentoonstelling 'Walid Raad – Let's be honest, the weather helped' die in de het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam te zien was. Hripsimé Visser, curator van de tentoonstelling en directeur van het museum Rein Wolfs ontvingen de prijs van Joke de Wolf, voorzitter van AICA Nederland. De uitreiking, inclusief het vraaggesprek met de curator, is hieronder als video terug te kijken. Onafhankelijk curator en criticus Nat Muller sprak tijdens de uitreiking een laudatio uit, ook die is terug te zien en onder de video terug te lezen.

Laudatio door Nat Muller

Dear Rein, dear Hripsimé, and everybody watching the live stream at home,

It is a true honour and privilege to give this laudatory speech on behalf of AICA for Walid Raad’s solo exhibition Let’s be honest, the weather helped. I speak to you in strange times when the memory of a visit to a museum seems very distant indeed. Looking back at this exhibition and considering the predicament most of the world finds itself in today, we have much to learn from Walid on how to find sense in nonsense, meaning in the incomprehensible, and how to work with, and through, disaster. But perhaps mostly his exhibition Let’s be honest, the weather helped shows that a heavy and serious subject matter, often of the political and historical kind, can sometimes best be accessed through an imaginary, with lightness and irony, rather than under an oppressive weight. Read more